Emmanuel Onwubiko: And the police killed Ifeoma

The worst betrayal is when the federal government that ought to guard you, turns into an onlooker while another person snuffs treasured life out of you and despatch you to the nice world past.

Paying homage to the large brother who repeatedly bullies and steadily takes away the enjoyment of dwelling, and makes life quick, bruttish and depressing, the Nigeria police drive in Nigeria has turn into the collective nightmare of the tens of millions of severally deprived tens of millions of Nigerians.

The nation has within the final 60 years turn into a giant edifice of unjust termination of the candy and sacred lives of Nigerian residents. For doing nothing, a poor or a residents with no political connections might get killed by the drunk police operatives mounting unlawful toll gates all throughout the nation however these unlawful extortion joints by police are seen prominently within the South East of Nigeria. Years previous, the irrespresible human rights campaigner and philosophical Musician Fela Anikulapo of Blessed reminiscence had sang concerning the Nigerian Police Drive been administered like a Banking corridor, with the Divisional law enforcement officials as financial institution managers and the foot troopers mounting highway blocks to extort motorists as entrepreneurs.

These incessant state tolerated impunity of the boys and officers of the police has just about turn into a publicly endorsed nuisance to such a nauseating extent that NATIONAL OUTRAGE now not greets these intermittent police executions of the harmless by individuals paid by the tax payers to implement the legislation. In Awka the Particular Anti Theft Squad run execution floor. In Abuja, the identical and in PortHarcourt it’s nearly the identical. The currebt ten yr Previous TERROR assaults on Nigeria was ignited by Police further judicial killing of the founding father of Boko haram sect Yusuf Mohammed. That is the report of the killing of It some Abugu who has joined the lengthy record of victims of police assassinations.

The attorneys wrote thus:”RE: Alleged sexual assault, Assault and homicide of Ifeoma Stella Agugu by Officers of particular Anti Theft squad who’re nonetheless at giant.The Above subject material refers, We’re solicitors to the Abuja household of miss Stella Ifeoma (hereinafter known as ‘Our shopper ‘ ), and in whose directions we write.

Sir , it’s our shopper’s instruction that ifeoma was arrested and whisked away in lieu of her Fiancé ( Mr. Afam ugwnwa ) at wumba Village, Lokogoma, Abuja on 10th September , 2020 at about 5.00pm by males of particular Anti Theft squad (SARS) operatives whose identification we don’t know but on the time of instruction, Sir , Ifeoma died in custody the day following. The image of the deceased shortly earlier than her arrest and demise is hooked up herewith as annexure A.

Sir, in keeping with our shopper’s directions, the SARS operatives invaded the deceased fiancé’s condominium at wumba Village, lokogoma, Abuja at about 5.00pm in the hunt for Mr. Afam ugwunwa Who was not current , They subsequently arrested the deceased in lieu . In line with residents and eye witnesses, Ifeoma was whisked away by the operatives similar night in a wholesome state. On 15th September, 2020 info reached the household that Ifeoma Stella Abugu is useless and her physique mendacity with gwagwalada specialist hospital. In the meantime our purchasers’ have gone to SARS workplace guzape , Abuja and made delicate findings together with that the officers who carried out the arrest had been on unlawful responsibility ; the matter has been transferred to Apo police division headed by DPO Usman for preliminary investigations ; and investigative police officer ( IPO ) Inspector Bulus can be investigating the matter presently

Ifeoma Stella Abugu, a younger participant of the Nationwide Youth Service scheme who’s serving her fatherland within the federal capital territory is the most recent to affix the deadly statistics which have piled up courtesy of police brutality and reckless misuse of state energy due largely to a break down within the enforcement of service self-discipline within the Nigeria police drive.

actually captured as a hostage and kidnapped by some males skilled from the central pool of assets of the tax payers to guard lives and property of the citizen, however who as a result of a vacuum in enforcement of inner disciplinary mechanism throughout the Nigeria police drive have turn into the most important impediment to the fulfilment of the state’s obligation to the residents which is the safety of the sanctity of life as encapsulated in a plethora of municipal and worldwide human rights legislation.

Ifeoma which suggests “good omen”, met her dangerous omen and was despatched to the world past by some brutes and primitive creatures who’re on no account match to exists in a civilized society however who had been really employed by the state beneath the guise that they’re to work to guard the lives of the residents however in precise truth they’re silent killers of the harmless civilians.

The Nigerian structure, imperfect as it’s, has inherently made provisions for the federal government to implement the legislation guaranteeing that safety of lives of residents is sacrosanct.

The structure by no means minced phrases in hitting the nail on the top to legislate that lifetime of the residents should be safeguarded since in impact, the individuals of Nigeria or the voters are homeowners of the sovereignty of Nigeria.

The structure says in part 14(1)(2)(b) that:’’ 14.(1) The Federal Republic of Nigeria shall be a State primarily based on the rules of democracy and social justice.(2) It’s hereby, accordingly, declared that:This Structure derives all its powers and authority;(b) The safety and welfare of the individuals shall be the first objective of presidency:’’

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Additionally in part 13, the grund norm says: Part 13.”It shall be the responsibility and accountability of all organs of presidency, and of all authorities and individuals, exercising legislative, govt or judicial powers, to evolve to, observe and apply the provisions of this Chapter of this Structure.’’

The structure is supreme, over and above different laws together with the lesser statute that created the police Ab initio often called the police Act as a result of it says and I quote: In line with the section1 (I). The structure is supreme and compulsory on all authority and individuals.

The constitutional provisions bringing into being the policing establishment from part 214(1)(2)(a)(b) and (c) and 215 (I)(a)(b)(2)(3)(4) and (5) didn’t allow extralegal execution of the residents.

‘’214. (1) There shall be a police drive for Nigeria, which shall be often called the Nigeria Police Drive, and topic to the provisions of this part no different police drive shall be established for the Federation or any half thereof.(2) Topic to the provisions of this Structure -(a) the Nigeria Police Drive shall be organised and administered in accordance with such provisions as could also be prescribed by an act of the Nationwide Meeting;(b) the members of the Nigeria Police shall have such powers and duties as perhaps conferred upon them by legislation;(c) the Nationwide Meeting might make provisions for branches of the Nigeria Police Drive forming a part of the armed forces of the Federation or for the safety of harbours, waterways, railways and air fields.’’

In Part 215. we’re instructed: ” (1) There shall be – (a) an Inspector-Normal of Police who, topic to part 216(2) of this Structure shall be appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Nigeria Police Council from amongst serving members of the Nigeria Police Drive;(b) a Commissioner of Police for every state of the Federation who shall be appointed by the Police Service Fee.(2) The Nigeria Police Drive shall be beneath the command of the Inspector-Normal of Police and contingents of the Nigeria Police Drive stationed in a state shall, topic to the authority of the Inspector-Normal of Police, be beneath the command of the Commissioner of Police of that state.(3) The President or such different Minister of the Authorities of the Federation as he might authorise in that behalf might give to the Inspector-Normal of Police such lawful instructions with respect to the upkeep and securing of public security and public order as he might contemplate obligatory, and the Inspector-Normal of Police shall adjust to these course or trigger them to be compiled with. (4) Topic to the provisions of this part, the Governor of a state or such Commissioner of the Authorities state as he might authorise in that behalf, might give to the Commissioner of Police of that state such lawful instructions with respect to the upkeep and securing of public security and public order throughout the state as he might contemplate obligatory, and the Commissioner of Police shall adjust to these instructions or trigger them to be complied with: Supplied that earlier than finishing up any such instructions beneath the foregoing provisions of this subsection the Commissioner of Police might request that the matter be referred to the President or such minister of the Authorities of the Federation as could also be authorised in that behalf by the President for his instructions.

These provisions written within the commonest of the English language didn’t authorise the Nigeria police drive to rework right into a killer squad that it has turn into.

So I ask; why was citizen Ifeoma killed by the police? she was killed as a result of official impunity and lawlessness by the enforcers of the legislation has assumed a larger-than life matter at the same time as those that have killed lots of of harmless Nigerians are nonetheless within the policing system and are holding prime positions as a result of the systemic rot has made it potential to permit the progressive development of all types of crooks and killers within the Nigeria police drive. President Olusegun Obasanjo as he then was, instructed us that robbers and prostitutes have discovered their methods into the Nigeria Nigeria Police Drive. Nonetheless, there should be a statutory checks and balances.

The structure created the police service fee to test the excesses of the police however those that implement these provisions have made positive that the police service fee turns into and operates like a contraption. Because of this Ifeoma obtained killed as a result of the statute stipulating the features and powers of the police service fee have been repeatedly thwarted and sabotaged from each inside and with out simply because the police service fee ACT should cease all these lawlessness however then in the event you test how recklessly unprofessional lots of of 1000’s of police operatives are, you’ll agree with me that the legal guidelines organising this disciplinary fee for the police has been desecrated.

Particularly, the Capabilities and Powers of the Fee 6. (1) The Fee shall-

(a) Be chargeable for the appointment and promotion of individuals to places of work (aside from the workplace of the Inspector-Normal of Police) within the Nigeria Police Drive

(b) Dismiss and train disciplinary management over Individuals (aside from the Inspector-Normal of Police) within the Nigeria Police Drive;

(c) Formulate polices and tips for the appointment, promotion, self-discipline and dismissal of officers of the Nigeria Police Drive;

(d) Establish components inhibiting or undermining self-discipline within the Nigeria Police Drive;

(e) Formulate and implement insurance policies aimed on the effectivity and self-discipline to the Nigeria Police Drive;

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(f) Carry out such different features which in. the opinion of the Fee are required to make sure the optimum effectivity of the Nigeria Police Drive; and

(g) Perform such different features because the President might, once in a while, direct.

(2) The Fee shall not be topic to the course, management or supervision of every other authority or particular person within the efficiency of its features aside from as is prescribed on this Act.

7. The Fee shall have energy to-

(a) Pay the workers of the Fee such remuneration and allowances as are payable to individuals of equal grades within the Civil Service of the Federation;

(b) Enter into such contracts as could also be obligatory or expedient for the discharge of its features and make sure the environment friendly efficiency of the features of the Fee; and

(c) Do such different issues as are obligatory and expedient for the environment friendly efficiency of the features of the Fee.

8. The Fee might, topic to such circumstances as it could assume match, delegate any of its powers beneath this Act-

(a) To any officer within the service of the Nigeria Police Drive ; or (b) To a committee consisting of such variety of individuals, one in every of whom shall be named as Chairman, as could also be prescribed by the Fee.

So since there’s a lack of effectice checks and balances, Miss. Ifeoma fell to the crude type of policing ways that’s felony in nature in Nigeria which each the manager, legislative and judicial programs have collectively didn’t cease.

These populating the management cadre of those arms of presidency represent the corrosive elite which have tousled the nation.

The elites in Nigeria don’t blink a watch when the likes of Ifeoma Abugu is brutally killed.

It’s because their kids are all in European faculties and America the place they collectively took our public assets and diverted to their private accounts.

These children of the privileged elites will not be the victims of the oppressive and dehumanizing crude policing ways. So Nigeria doesn’t care even when the nationwide human rights fee (NHRC) is gravely undermined and administered as a barking canine with no tooth to chew

The query to ask is why is Nigeria such a dysfunctional place whereby the beneath privileged are killed by the police day by day with none accountability, however but the nation is a part of the commonwealth system and the United Nations system?.

Studying by way of the handbook on human rights coaching for police in commonwealth West African international locations, the then deputy secretary as at 2005 Florence Magasha wrote as follows:

“United of their range, all 53 members of the commonwealth maintain sure rules in widespread. These rules embody peace, democracy and good governance, and respect for human rights and the rule of legislation, as embodied within the 1971 Declaration of Commonwealth Ideas and the 1991 Harare Commonwealth Declaration In upholding these and in pursuing the beliefs on which the Commonwealth is predicated – beliefs of peaceable and secure, simply and equitable, and affluent societies – the significance of observing the rule of legislation can’t be overstated In serving and defending their communities, police and legislation enforcement officers play a significant position. They’re duty-bound to implement the legislation. Nonetheless, the way by which such officers perform their duties contributes to the, kind of circumstances by which human and financial improvement and flourishing is feasible

The preambles of some gloal humam rifhts legal guidelines states as follows: ‘’Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human household is the muse of freedom, justice and peace on the planet.”(Common Declaration of Human Rights, Preamble United Nations Normal Meeting, 1948)

Additionally we’re instructed that: “Within the efficiency of their responsibility, legislation enforcement officers shall respect and defend human dignity and keep and uphold the human rights of all individuals.”(Code of Conduct for Legislation Enforcement Officers, Article 2 United Nations Normal Meeting, 1979).

Apart from, “We imagine within the liberty of the person, in equal rights for all residents no matter race, color, creed or political perception”(Declaration of Commonwealth Ideas, Singapore 1971).

A code of conduct gives the idea for skilled and moral behaviour of all legislation enforcement officers .All of the actions of law enforcement officials should be suitable with the next rules:• Respect for, and obedience to, the legislation.• Respect for the dignity of the human particular person.• Respect for, and safety of, human rights.

What standards is likely to be used for the measurement of acceptable {and professional} police behaviour? The next rules, norms and values can function standards (measurements) for moral {and professional} police behaviour respect for liberty and equality of each particular person, , service; fact; -property; and life. These Commonwealth rules are commonsensical and rational and these steps and measures will not be rocket science. Can we proceed to permit the set off completely satisfied and rogue police operatives kill extra IFEOMAS, OLUS, AHMADUS? We should cease these police terrorism on the underprivileged residents who’re of their tens of tens of millions. Nigerians, rise and defend your NON NEGOTIABLE HUMAN RIGHTS TO LIFE BECAUSE ONCE YOU GET KILLED, THAT ENDS ALL YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS EVEN IF JUSTICE WEIGHS STRONGLY OB THE KILLER, THE DEAD HAS DIED FOREVER.

* EMMANUEL ONWUBIKO is head of the HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) and blogs @www. huriwa.blogspot.com, www.huriwanigeria.com.

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