Emmanuel Onwubiko: Nigeria: A paradise for maggots and butterflies

“A paradise for maggots: The story of a Nigerian anti-graft czar” is a guide on NUHU RIBADU and his stint and the media-hyped exploits on the Financial and Monetary Crimes Fee (EFCC) which was arrange by the then President Olusegun Obasanjo to deal with the hydra-headed monster of public corruption.

The guide is credited to a lecturer on the College of California, Assistant Professor wale Adebanwi. It was introduced on December 14th 2020 in Abuja.

Whereas this guide spoke particularly about a person within the individual of Adamawa born former police officer Mr Nuhu Ribadu who’s now a politician drumming up unscholarly praises for Muhammadu Buhari nearly to a nuisance level that he might be likened to a flip coat or a sycophant, within the Current enterprise, I’ve chosen to so title this piece to have a look at the bigger image of crimes and criminality which have dominated the general public area because the final 60yrs that Nigeria gained political independence however with higher consideration to up to date felony issues that dovetails into terrorism.

It is because there’s a unanimity of settlement that Nigeria underneath President Muhammadu Buhari has by no means had it so dangerous when it comes to insecurity to an extent that the safety of lives and property of the great individuals of Nigeria is not assured given the intensive operations of terrorists, gangsters, armed Fulani herdsmen and armed bandits. Additionally, there’s a yawning hole within the dispensation of felony justice to an extent that impunity has change into a nationwide pastime with sure felony parts being allowed to kill harmless individuals with out ever going through the lengthy arm of the legislation. The legislation underneath Muhammadu Buhari has all of a sudden grown shorter arms that catches solely petty crime suspects however permits mass killers free reign.

This time can be when nearly all of the achievements within the human rights sector that have been made within the final 20 years have been eroded.

The paradise for maggots and butterflies is dedicated to telling the story of how two extremes of human potentialities co-exist within the geopolitical area known as Nigeria nearly to some extent of close to collapse.

Nigeria, because of the crass incompetence of the central authorities has change into the right paradise for maggots and butterflies as a result of whereas the maggots have virtually hijacked political platforms of management in Nigeria and are busy destroying your entire materials of the nation-State, the butterflies which can be actually making constructive efforts to pollinate the Nation and make the Nation an actual house for all to reside aspect by aspect in peace, social justice and Unity, the maggots which have invaded the seats of political powers are quickly eroding the good points made by these heroic butterflies within the final sixty years and in actual life state of affairs, what this implies is that while the few good persons are constructing the nation, the evil-minded bigots which have used electoral HEIST to achieve political ascendancy, are busy demolishing all of the democratic Freedoms and buildings and trying to construct a FEUDAL SYSTEM of dictatorial authorities in Nigeria.

THESE bigots accountable for political management of Nigeria are once more engaged within the self deceitful gambit of organising elaborate however securely guarded occasions to mark the 60th anniversary of Nigeria as an Unbiased Nation. Already the minister of Info Lai Mohammed has warned unusual individuals of Nigeria to not date come inside listening to distance of the place this present of disgrace known as Independence anniversary will happen in Abuja simply subsequent door to AsoRock.

So about midday in one other 24hrs, the Nation underneath the political management of president Muhammadu Buhari a one time army despot who as soon as turned a federal cupboard minister accountable for petroleum throughout the Generals, Murtala Muhammed , Olusegun Obasanjo- led army dictatorship within the late 70’s , will start a yr lengthy celebrations of the Nation’s Diamond jubilee or sixtieth yr independence anniversary.

This anniversary celebration is ironical given the peculiarities of the moments dominated by systematic killings of Nigerians by a variety of armed Fulani herdsmen and armed bandits and kidnappers.

Armed Islamic terrorists have nearly destroyed the North East of Nigeria and have rendered over 2 million Youngsters homeless.

It, due to this fact, beggars perception that the politicians in energy will have fun however the hundreds of thousands of Youngsters whose future are made unsure by the evil-minded political misgovernance of the elites are wallowing in abject and absolute poverty.

How can elders who disadvantaged kids their God-given elementary human rights be seen celebrating as if all is nicely?

All just isn’t nicely as a result of politicians have turned Nigeria into A PARADISE FOR MAGGOTS.

So , this reflection has change into tangential and essential to additional clarify an earlier reflection wherein I had said with empirical precision that Nigeria is 60 however is but a toddler.

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The central argument of this piece is to claim that reasonably than exit feasting and drumming over diamond jubilee of Nigeria’s So-called self-governance, what we should be doing is to adorn mourning garments, make public atonement for our particular person and collective wrongs unleashed on the Nation state and to start a interval of sober reflection on how greatest to rebuild the fallen home known as Nigeria on condition that ab initio Nigeria’s basis was laid on deceit and deception and for the truth that Nigeria, as it’s now, might be known as a lie since Nigeria just isn’t 60 however over 100 years.

The title Nigeria which is likely one of the symbols of sovereignty didn’t originate from any Nigerian however a British woman who was the mistress of the then colonial administrator of Nigeria recognized in 1914 as Lord Lugard.

Lord Lugard created Nigeria however Nigerians who’ve had the privilege of governing the Nation have didn’t democratically summon up braveness to ask high quality representatives of the varied nationalities that have been coupled collectively by the White man as Nigeria to fulfill and agree on going ahead and addressing institutional inequities tearing down the wall of unity of Nigeria which has escalated with the skewed promotions and appointments by Muhammadu Buhari of solely Moslem Northerners to move your entire Inside Safety infrastructures within the Nation whilst these misbehaving politicians collect collectively on the Eagle sq. like vultures and maggots to devour our nationwide wealth within the guise of celebrating the 60th anniversary of Nigeria as a Self Governing entity.

The reality nevertheless is that, from 1914 to now, Nigeria cannot by any stretch of creativeness be stated to have been erected on the rules of justice, belief and perception within the unity of the nation by one and all on condition that a whole lot of Nigerians are nonetheless seen as individuals undeserving of ascending to seat of president of the Nation.

Firstly, the illogicality and Fallacy of our origin is from the title Nigeria as coined by the girlfriend of Lugard calked Miss. Flora Shaw was mainly formulated for the benefit of doing colonialism enterprise that may profit the British and never the indigenous natives drawn from divers nationalities generally recognized then as northern and southern protectorates.

Studying the textual content edited by J.C Anene titled; “Essay in African historical past: 19th and 20th centuries “ We’ll come out with the conviction that the naming of our nation was purely for the British. We’ll then start to ask why up to date natives are too scared to convoke a nationwide convention to strike understanding and a suitable accord concerning the need or in any other case of present as one united entity and on what phrases so it turns into simpler to border the steps for successfully placing in verify the festering felony and terrorism tendencies which have sprang up from the north and now threatening to engulf your entire area.

The authors of this scholarly historic textual content articulated their positions on what half chartered corporations performed within the partition of Africa thus : “The hurried method wherein the African continent was partitioned made it inevitable that almost all colonial powers ought to lay declare to , not made up their minds how greatest to manage and exploit. Moreover some colonial powers discovered that they might not safe all of the African territories they thought of themselves entitled to by counting on official governmental actions alone. Intending colonial powers which discovered themselves in a number of of predicaments sketched above have been pressured to make use of personal enterprise within the type of chartered corporations, an answer that had many sights. Within the first place the preliminary burdens of colonization- conquering the topic Folks’s, organising a skeletal Administration, offering technique of communication, pioneering commerce and crop agriculture – can be borne by a bunch of personal shareholders. On this manner the house authorities can be saved the embarrassment of being known as upon to make elevated, and due to this fact unpopular calls for on the taxpayer. Within the second place a chartered firm, being an unofficial physique may take dangers which an official Administration would by no means dare. Goldie’s Royal Niger firm, as an example, was capable of contravene the worldwide regulation for the free navigation of the Niger with out precipitating as a lot worldwide crises as would have Been the case if the breach had been dedicated by an official Administration. Relying on the actual state of affairs of the African territory in query and of the colonial energy involved the chartered house international locations, territories which their authorities have been reluctant to grab on the time by direct official motion or to manage for a time , territories which this authorities had seized by direct motion however had not made up their minds how one can rule and exploit “.

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For need of area, I’ll stylishly not dwell a lot on the politics of the primary republic that resulted within the bloody civil conflict wherein nearly three million residents belonging largely to the Japanese area have been massacred.

Suffice it to dwell on the various challenges of crimes confronting up to date Nigerians coupled with deliberate lack of curiosity on the a part of the central authorities to implement the legislation. There is no such thing as a acquire saying the truth that a lot of the bloody violence tearing aside Nigeria have their origin within the failure of legislation enforcements because of the neglect of social justice by the federal government on the heart.

The majority of those safety challenges started from the present of disgrace by operatives of the Nigeria police power .

The Boko haram terrorism began when the police extra-legally shot and killed the founding father of an Islamic sect in Borno State Muhammed Yusuf while been detained within the police custody in Maiduguri about eleven years in the past.

Since that extrajudicial execution of Boko haram religious chief, over 30,000 harmless Nigerians have misplaced their lives to terror assaults. One other variance of the violence are the assaults and killings of principally Christians and farmers by Fulani herdsmen wherein over 6,000 harmless individuals have been killed with out even a single of those killers being prosecuted by authorities.

While president Buhari virtually begins celebrating the Diamond anniversary, it will likely be good to refresh his reminiscence concerning the scale of killings by armed Fulani killer squad since he assumed workplace after which we ask to know if it’s not bare dance on the graves of these killed that the federal government is doing by beating the celebratory drums while the killers of these harmless Nigerians are strolling the streets freely.

This diary of the killings is to remind Nigerians that Nigeria has progressively change into a paradise whereby maggots are in cost while butterflies are haunted and slaughtered. A studying of media protection of those killings will disclose to the readers how so reckless and LAWLESS a set of killers recognized as Fulani herdsmen have been allowed free room by the present administration to unleash terror in farmers and Christians notably to such a disturbing development that the British parliament obtained petitions by British lawmakers demanding concerted effort to stem the tides of genocide getting in proper underneath the nostril of President Muhammadu Buhari. President Donald John Trump had additionally confronted President Muhammadu Buhari and warned him to cease killing Christians. Such is the worldwide opprobrium that these spate of killings have interested in Nigeria however shamelessly, these officers with no conscience are congregating to have fun even when the hundreds of Nigerians killed since 2015 have but to get closure.

While the politicians have fun, can I name on Patriotic Nigerians to mirror on technique for forcing the federal government to deal with the elemental challenges of our existence and to concretely work with Nigerians of all shades of opinion to restructure Nigeria to run like a constitutional democracy in a plural society that it’s as can be seen within the closing citation from the guide by Arend Lijphart.

A European thinker has said what and the way Nigeria needs to be restructured and I’ll quote from this nice philosophical textual content.

He said thus: ‘’A plural society tends to be organized alongside segmental cleavages, and these separate organizations entail a level of segmental isolation that’s conducive to consociational democracy. However, as we have now seen, consociational methodology of segmental autonomy considerably furthers the event of organizational networks inside every segments. It could due to this fact be extra correct to treat the segmental isolation ensuing from separate political and social organizations as a technique than as a precondition of consociational democracy. There’s , nevertheless, one particularly vital sort of segmental isolation that’s undoubtedly not “ created “ by consociational democracy : segmental isolation alongside geographical traces. Right here, too, consociationalism can improve the decree of separateness by making use of segmental autonomy of territorial type: federalism. The truth that two of the consociational democracies are federations presents a possibility to research to what extent they’ve taken benefit of the federal methodology.’’ (DEMOCRACY IN PLURAL SOCIETIES By Arend Lijphart).

*Emmanuel Onwubiko is the Head of HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) and blogs@www.huriwa@blogspot.com,www.thenigerianinsidernews.com, www.huriwanigeria.com.

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